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Friday, August 3, 2007

Today is my lucky day !

Today i was really really happy, cz suddenly i become the winner of the Kuan Hoong dot come review Contest n Won USD 100 .. hahahaha !!! Oh my god !! OMG ~ I tell u all, it was really so so sooooooo unbelievable to me when i realised myself was the winner for this contest !!! T_T” i thought i was dreaming when i get informed by Kuan Hoong !!!

Why i feel unbelievable is cz sInce i was 1years old until 25 years old today , i nvr ever be the lucky one , i mean lucky draw every year no matter in school /company sure out of my part one, even consolations prize also cant get, the most i can get was a “body shampoo”in once lucky draw … alamak !! who can ever think i m the winner today !!! (T_T)” huh ~ so guys, dont gv up ok ~

okokok … ” FOr first i want to thanks my mom, my dad , my sis , my bro … ( hehe.. sound like winning big awards on stage ) btw i nvr hv chance to say those words ma , gv chance la .. haha .. Ok la , seriously, THe one who i really need to thank you so much is Kuan Hoong . Without his contest, i wont ever know how a winner feels so great ! Thank you Kuan Hoong !!!Beside , tis is the first time for me to experience Make online money !! kakaka ~ ~I would like to thanks all those contestant , they left wishes to me in kuanhoong blog i can see... ! i will try my best to do more better on my wowwowstudio.blogspot.com... ;)