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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Kuan Hoong dot com - Make Money Online

OMG !!! OMG !!! WIn USD 100 !!!... Am i late to write the review?? At first i would like to say sorry to Kuanhoong cz he is really a super nice guy. He was expecting my review since first batch closed , untiil now ... the second batch review selections adi came out i was still not yet co mplited my review ... :(
OKOK .. lets us start ... Kuanhoong.com is a blog that discuss about internet marketing, Money making tips and some news on technology. I likes his blog, cz it is informative beside it was very easy to understand.Learn quite a lots from there.He is a smart blogger i can say. And he is really do lots of researches on how to make money online.I m still trying the 5 simple steps to drive my traffic via twitter ... haha ~
Btw, kuanhoong really quite friendly, even i dont know him, but after i read his reviews through myblog spot, i added him in my MSN and hv some great time chatting with him about his life in Japan, and he is very kind to share what ever he knew...
So people .. want to earn USD 100 for first ?? Want to earn big money online ? Want to looking for fren chatting ? Want to know more about kuanhoong? Please .. dun hesitate to drop by his blog .. kuanhoong dot com

Friday, July 20, 2007

Devil's Gang

Last 2 weeks , i m moving to new flat, cz current housemate is moving back to penang n no longer stay in kl, cz she home sick.. haha...
The flat total hv 4th floor, so it dont have a lift... just staircase.It was damn so tired , cz my unit was in the highest floor - fouth floor! OMG ... it was like doing a year exercise like tat..
Anyway, i spend almost a day to move all my stuff to my new room. A spend 2 days to clean n tidy up my books and my stuff...
SInce working , i dont really look back all my college stuff which store in my big box. All of it are assignment paper, n art work, some of them are sketches when in college time... I found a sketches which i draw my classmates - DG 24. ( we all called it DEVIL GANG ! cz in combined classes with others we all like to draw in class rather than listen the lecturer keep talking something boring... :P) It's really happy when college time, even i m only one gal in that gang, but all of them very take care of me n protect me .. I m treat them like "brothers" ... haha .. of course they treat me like little brother as well, cz my character abit tomboy.. i likes aliens, i like robots, n those guy like stuff .. .. :P But dun worry, i dun fall in love with gal, i m 100% perfect gal, cz i like handsome guy too ~ haaahaaaa ...
The guy in the left part , which u can see his hand pointing up , he is my best fren ~ 38kia .. U can refer to his new blog http://www.38kia.com/blog This is the pose he likes to keep when taking foto.. .. really 38 isnt it ? .. :D
The guy in the middle of us, he is the lecturer we respect most, cz he really very talented and cool ~ Even he keep scolding us, talk very straightly n might hurt our heart, but watever he talked is the truth, only someone care of u n wish u can be the best, will just telling u the truth, ur weakness . Unfortunately , now he no longer teaching in my college, now he became of one the director in a famous productions house.. :) Until now, sometimes i will missing his scold .. haha .. cz everytimes he scold us, we wil feel very motivated... keke .. 38 right .. :)
Anyway, i found alots of sweet memory in my boxes! Stick with me here always, update u funny things of my past .. ;)

Tuesday, July 17, 2007


就會茫然的忘了痛苦,害怕 ...
而當 ..."莫名奇妙的到達一個完全,無法掌握的高度時
每次都這樣,后悔也來不及了 ...
只有在墮落的那一刻,才會大聲的說"不" "



haha, special for baby fiona :

What i hv read an articles , it was quite meaningful to us ...

The Chairman of the Coca-Cola company has ever mentioned: We all are just like a clown , who playing with 5 balls. Those 5 balls represent our Career, Healthy, Family, Friends and Spirit. All of them just only one which made by rubbers, when fall down it will bounce it back , that is Career. Others 4 all made by glass, when it fall down, it will broken in pieces.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Helo, everyone ! This is the answer .. hahahaha ... it's a gal pantry!!!

OMG, how to wear ? Personally think tat for me it's better dun wear.It was so uncomfortable ... :S

Gals, dun u think so ???

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Guess what it is ...

Hi friends, do u have any ideas what it is ?

My IQ is low,when my fren ask me, i failed to get the answer , .. haha ~

Come on, take a break, leave me ur answer ... :) I will gv u the answer afterwards.