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Friday, July 20, 2007

Devil's Gang

Last 2 weeks , i m moving to new flat, cz current housemate is moving back to penang n no longer stay in kl, cz she home sick.. haha...
The flat total hv 4th floor, so it dont have a lift... just staircase.It was damn so tired , cz my unit was in the highest floor - fouth floor! OMG ... it was like doing a year exercise like tat..
Anyway, i spend almost a day to move all my stuff to my new room. A spend 2 days to clean n tidy up my books and my stuff...
SInce working , i dont really look back all my college stuff which store in my big box. All of it are assignment paper, n art work, some of them are sketches when in college time... I found a sketches which i draw my classmates - DG 24. ( we all called it DEVIL GANG ! cz in combined classes with others we all like to draw in class rather than listen the lecturer keep talking something boring... :P) It's really happy when college time, even i m only one gal in that gang, but all of them very take care of me n protect me .. I m treat them like "brothers" ... haha .. of course they treat me like little brother as well, cz my character abit tomboy.. i likes aliens, i like robots, n those guy like stuff .. .. :P But dun worry, i dun fall in love with gal, i m 100% perfect gal, cz i like handsome guy too ~ haaahaaaa ...
The guy in the left part , which u can see his hand pointing up , he is my best fren ~ 38kia .. U can refer to his new blog http://www.38kia.com/blog This is the pose he likes to keep when taking foto.. .. really 38 isnt it ? .. :D
The guy in the middle of us, he is the lecturer we respect most, cz he really very talented and cool ~ Even he keep scolding us, talk very straightly n might hurt our heart, but watever he talked is the truth, only someone care of u n wish u can be the best, will just telling u the truth, ur weakness . Unfortunately , now he no longer teaching in my college, now he became of one the director in a famous productions house.. :) Until now, sometimes i will missing his scold .. haha .. cz everytimes he scold us, we wil feel very motivated... keke .. 38 right .. :)
Anyway, i found alots of sweet memory in my boxes! Stick with me here always, update u funny things of my past .. ;)


38kia said...

haha now i still strike that pose in my company's photo or gathering photos..
I still haven't feel bored of this pose.. :)
I'll show more photos of my pose soon on my blog hahahaha..

Love the drawing, so memorable. So touching.. so.. i feel so emotional missing all the Devil-Gangsters !!

BeeLee said...

Wow .. I like your drawing, you should draw more in future ! I used to move up to a 4th floor flat without lift as well ... it was exhausting & this reminded me of my 2 dear friends who helped me to move things up there. Hope you like your new place :)

P/S : Thanks for dropping by my blog :)

kuanhoong said...

Yeah Nice drawing :-)
Especially that 38kia