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Sunday, September 16, 2007

I'm Back from Hong Kong !

* The night scene are taken from " Tai Ping Hill " .
Jacky Cheung stay at a condo there, which is super expensive unit cz it can see whole HK night scene from his condo unit. *

Yoo ~ Almost a month i didnt update my blog .so sorry to all my blog pal :(
Finally, i m back from my vacations ~ Hong Kong !!! hahaha ~
The time i went was on Summer season, so the weather is almost same with M'sia ~
HK gv me an impression is quite familiar , cz maybe i watch HK drama obviously, so feel tat every place tat i seen all are very familiar ... haha ~
Once step in their airport, adi feel really diff with our country, cz all are chinese. Just like taiwan n china ~
When travel to their city, u can see tat mostly surrounding by condos, all are very very high condos compare with here, very impressed me are all in different design with nice architect.
HK it's a nice place .. Their night scene really pretty cool !! Everyday around 8pm , u can see few tallest architect in the city, will open laser light n shooting around. Beside those building with advertisement electronic boards are keep changing with the color .. beside, the city are surround with the water, it can reflect the building n the lighting shadows, so u can see very pretty scene when u looking down from the hill.

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