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Saturday, June 16, 2007


今天看到报纸上的大主题“印裔影迷骚动 。。。“


Dissatisfied patrons rioted at several theatres when the screening of the much-waited Tamil movie Sivaji ran into technical glitches on Thursday night.
The Sri Intan theatre has suspended shows to carry out repair works. Damage has been estimated at RM70,000.
Sivaji (The Boss) stars Rajinikanth, one of India’s top actors and reputedly the highest-paid Indian actor.
In Klang, some patrons vented their anger by smashing glass displays and lights and speakers at the Sri Intan theatre. Others tore the screen and curtains, broke the chairs and damaged the wood panelling of the theatre.
Theatre manager N. Kalatharan, said the movie was scheduled for screening at 9pm but due to technical problems, it only started at 10.30pm. He said tickets for both the 9pm and midnight shows had been fully booked.
Mid-way through the movie, at 11.30pm, the movie came to an abrupt stop due to more "technical problems".After unsuccessful efforts to resolve the problem, the management announced that the show had to be cancelled and offered to refund the ticket money.The crowd became restless and many refused to accept the offer. Kalatharan said some demanded thrice the ticket price, while others wanted the management to pay fuel and toll costs.
"This dragged on for more than 30 minutes and by then, the midnight-show crowd had also gathered outside."He said with some 1,600 people there, things got out of hand and some of the patrons went on a smashing spree.
In Ipoh, angry patrons broke chairs, burnt curtains and posters when the 9pm screening was delayed at the Sri Kinta theatre。
The Coliseum theatre in Kuala Lumpur was also not spared.

Sri Intan theatre manager N. Kalatharan showing the damage which occurred when patrons went on a smashing spree in Klang yesterday. — NST picture by Cherani

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exceldream50 said...

Siaji is much waited movie by indian viewers. Must I say furthermoe the actor is Rajinikant ! I guess this is the first time that a movie was disrupted.Theatre Operators should check in advance the smooth flow of their technical site" before any films aired.