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Friday, June 29, 2007

A Crazy Life and Pimples

These few days i was so sad cz acne breakouts are many... :( It might be stress cz of my working life... So i think beside me, many ppl are suffering the same thing like me, especially when i dropped by JerryLab , i know he has acne too ... :S
Hormonal influences, environmental conditions, and stress can lead to the noticeable red inflammation that occupies our face, chest, and backs to various degrees.
Our bodies react to stressful situations by triggering the central nervous system, which in turn sends signals to the rest of the body to ready the body to take action. A significant part of this preparedness is the release of hormones from our adrenal glands, such as cortisol and androgen. These hormones help to prepare us for our instinctive fight or flight response.
Additionally, it is now understood that as our body reacts to stress, fatty secretions in the sebaceous glands are released. This combination of hormonal influences and fatty secretions - known contributors to acne outbreaks - is sent into action by our own central nervous system, creating stress acne.
It is also known that during stressful periods, our bodies immune system is significantly weakened, resulting in slower healing of acne breakouts. The prolonged visible signs of acne can lead to more acne. Called an acne cycle, the anxiety produced by being self conscious about an acne breakout can create more stress and more acne.
So, try to relax our own .. dont be too stress ... :)


Jo said...

try to have healthy diet and healthy life habit then might reduce the pimples pop up chances loh..hehehe
oso depends on ur gene inherit from parents and ur skin regime loh..
take care

www.wowwowstudio.com said...

yaya .. haiz .. hv to eat more fruits i think..