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Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yahoo! Photos will be closing Sept. 20th.

At first plan to upload some recent photos and share to my fren, who knows when sign in the yahoo!Photos, got a message mentioned tat Yahoo! Photos will be closing Sept. 20th. So I need to transfer my photos to another service.
Just bcz of tat, i wonder i had alots of old fotos there, which really full of memorable.

Why it was so memorable to me ? cz tat is my first :)
That was my first time travel to oversea, first time take an aeroplane. First time take cruise at Sydney; First time saw many many dolphin in the sea; First time met Kuala Bear ... :( ohhhh ... First time experienced went to a bar , there hv alots of illustrator do sketching there with a naked lady ... Omg !! That's really unforgettable !!

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